Thursday 25 April 2013

Messy Little Details

My friend Carolyn has started a new weekly Meme.  She has called it Messy Little Details.  

This is what Carolyn has to say about it:
"Each week I will share one of these photos, something that caught my eye and I had to photograph. A simple thing. A detail. A colour. A texture. The post will be short, a photo and a few sentences at most, it is the photo and the reason I had to take it that I want to share."

And we can join in too!  By sharing a photo from our blogs or from Flickr with the linky she is attaching to her blog.   Go on, join in.  You know you want to!

I haven't taken many photos recently.  I know, shock! horror!  But life got in the way a bit.  However I do have some older photos (last Autumn) from the wool museum in Wales.

I took this photo because it reminded me of the past - of my childhood and of the more recent past - well 10 years ago - when I did more sewing! And I love the colours!  And how great that the aqua appeared almost on a sweet spot according to the rule of thirds!

Thanks for popping by.


  1. Great job! I've got a few photos lined up on Saturday to join in.

  2. Love all the shades ... visiting from Messy Little Things...

  3. love this photo all the different shades - fantastic!

  4. I love the colours in this photos - and I have a similar one from our own visit to the wool museum.


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