Friday 12 April 2013

Take One Stamp

The challenge on 12 Months In View today is to take one stamp and find different ways of using it.

I took a large piece of paper and cut it into 4 equal pieces that I knew would fit into my journal.

For the first technique I stamped with Embossing Ink onto the paper. I'm not sure whether you can see the image!

I inked over it with Distress Inks but found that I hadn't really got the embossing ink juicy enough on my stamp so the image didn't show up very well.   I sprayed the paper with water and dried it.

There was a faint image from the stamp so I thought I would use it as a shadow.I stamped the image again using Distress Ink and put it slightly to one side of the original.

For the second image, I put Distress Inks randomly on to the stamp and then misted it with water before stamping it onto the paper.

For the third technique, I stamped the image with the embossing ink and then used Pan Pastel to highlight the image.

For the last technique, as I don't own one of those rainbow ink pads I did lines of colour using distress ink.

I stamped the image with embossing ink and put clear embossing powder over and heated it with the heat gun.

When it had cooled I inked over the whole paper with Black Distress Ink and then wiped off the embossed part.   I forgot that embossing powder will stick to Distress Ink if it isn't totally dry so there is added speckle!

I inked round the edges of the papers and stuck them in my journal.

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  1. Love your techniques - some ideas there that I think I will try. I don't think the speckle distracts on the last one. I wouldn't have thought of doing that.

  2. These are beautiful. I love all the colors. I can see powder in my next checkout basket at the art supply store.

  3. What an interesting exercise - I enjoyed looking at the 4 different techniques. I think the extra speckle on the last photo adds even more interest to the picture, it's a great effect.

    It's a lovely stamp too!

  4. That's an interesting challenge and idea. Like your effects

  5. These are all great - thanks for sharing!

  6. Always learning so thanks for sharing your beautiful designs and tips. :)

  7. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your techniques.


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