Monday 15 April 2013

Using Anita's digital papers

I decided that I would make another small book with Anita's lovely pages.

I printed off the 6 background papers on card using the PDF and printed two smaller versions of the papers.
I also gathered together an empty cereal packet, a green and a yellow Distress Ink Pad, two blending tools, some double-sided tape, a gluestick and some sticky back canvas (which isn't shown here!)

I cut the white edges off the papers and made sure the six sheets of card were all the same size.  Then I folded them in half with the pattern on the inside. I cut 2 pieces of card from the cereal packet to the same size as the folded white card.

I put doublesided tape around the outside edges of the first piece of folded card and a piece down the middle.  Then I went over the card and the tape with glue stick.

I placed the next folded card on top carefully aligning the folded edges.  I taped and glued on the new top layer and put a folded card down.  I repeated this until all six pieces of folded card were stuck together.

In the same fashion I stuck the card to the back and front pages. You can see the folded spines showing here.

The book lies flat when you open it like this.

At this point I had to decide whether I wanted the canvas spine cover to show on the front of the book or not.  I decided I didn't so that meant add the canvas first.  At this point I could have inked the canvas but decided to leave it plain.   I peeled the backing off and laid it sticky side up on the table.  I put the spine of the book onto the middle of the canvas and pulled the book down onto the sticky.  Then turned it round and did the same with the other side.

When you open the book out the canvas ruffles up but that's fine because you need to be able to open flat.

I taped and glued the card and the canvas.

I cut the pages for the front cover.  These had been printed on the setting for printing 2 pdfs on one page but turned out to be too small for the cover so there is a big white band at the top and the bottom.

I inked the white card with the yellow and the green Distress Ink.  This is the front cover.

And this is the back.

I also inked round the edges of all the pages with the green ink.  This is really useful if there are some white bits showing where the pages didn't quite match up!

Come back later in the month to see what I'm going to use this book for.

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  1. Love the idea of using the sticky back canvas on the spine. I was thinking of using artist's tape, but I have lots of that canvas.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Just read through the book instructions and I have to say I have become quite unstuck! Did you print the papers on white card? Or did you stick the papers on white card. Is the white card used for the leaves of the book and the cereal packet just for the cover? I think each folded card/paper is stuck to the previous one and the cover to the outside pair. But then I can't work out how you have seven pages. HELP! Other than my inability to understand the instructions, your book is lovely. BJ

  3. BJ, the design is printed onto card, each one is then folded and stuck carefully to the next one. The cereal packet is just for the covers.

    Love this Bernice.

  4. What a beautiful little book you made and thank you for the papers.

  5. Wonderful work and thanks for the greattutorial.
    lovely greet

  6. Hi Bernice
    It looks like all the ladies had a fantastic time and all the makes were wonderful, thanks for the great tutorial


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