Sunday 12 May 2013

Alcohol Inks Technique

This month's technique challenge on 12 Months in View is Blowing Alcohol Inks.

This can become very addictive.  I tried out various surfaces to do this on.  Some worked.  Some that I hoped would work but knew wouldn't, didn't!  Alcohol Inks work on glossy surfaces such as gloosy card (which I couldn't find, although I know I have some), acetate or glass.  However I wondered whether the surface on a manila tag was sufficiently non-porous.  It wasn't!

I tried putting the alcohol ink on my glass mat, blowing the ink and then putting the tag down on it but that didn't work too well either.

I used inks on acetate.

The gold ink didn't really work too well so I put some Blending Solution on it.  Plus some red.

Then I tried on the cellophane that came round a bouquet of flowers I was given.  It already had a pattern on it.

I was wondering whether the pattern would show through.

I tried blowing the inks on top of a page I had made with acrylic paint and the Gelli plate.  It sort of worked!

Then I went back to the acetate.

And put Blending Solution on.

Different colours on acetate.

I turned one piece of the acetate over and stamped butterflies with Archival Ink and then cut them out.

I cut up all my samples and stuck them into my journal using Glossy Accents.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my experiments.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Will have to try this Bernice as I have loads of glossy photo card/paper....

  2. interesting :) i like the play around with product, too. i like how you used your final results in your journal pages.

  3. really beautiful! i have various colours of ink at home but am not sure if they contain alcohol. anyway, I'll try what i can blow them into :-) btw... i added you to my blogroll - always so inspiring to come here!

  4. i copied your technique and used it to blow ink on book pages. i had prepared the pages with gesso so that the colour would not sink into the paper so fast.(


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