Monday 27 May 2013

Celebrating masking tape!

Today on 12 Months in View we are celebrating masking tape with an art challenge.

I watched the videos and then worked on this page.  I put the masking tape on in a grid format and cut some circles.

I scraped  4 colours of acrylic paint across the page - 2 shades of green and 2 shades of blue.

I poured out some metallic Distress paint but forgot that it is very thin so an enormous amount rushed out!  I spooned quited a bit of it back in.  I thought it was too thin for what I wanted to do so I mixed some gesso into it which of course made it much paler.  I stamped with it.  I pulled the masking tape off and it took some of the page with it.

I added some of the metallic direct from the bottle with a brush and managed to tip a large dollop of paint onto the page!  I put the masking tape circles I'd peeled off elswhere on the page and stamped the word Spring.

At this point the page was not doing a lot for me. I put a large plastic doily over it and sprayed liime green ink.  I moved the doily slightly and sprayed yellow ink.

I still didn't much like it so I added 3 different types of washi tape.

Then I added some writing.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh you did well there Bernice, followed the tutorial unlike me. Plastic doilies, best look out for some of those now! BJ

  2. Amazing use of masking tape, great work keep it up



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