Friday 11 October 2013


Christians often get a bad press about asking God for things like parking spaces.  Actually Christians often get bad press!  That aside, I don't often share the things that God does for me but during this last holiday some amazing blessings came our way.
I haven't been praying much lately - and certainly not for parking spaces - but I did occasionally just  say 'well God, it would be really great if ....'

And I know that there were people praying God's blessing for us whilst we were away.

Blessing #1
We arrived at our hotel in Boston to  be greeted with "Welcome.  We have upgraded you to a suite".  We walked in and there was a short corridor with the bathroom at the end. Turned right into the lounge and then right again into the bedroom.

Blessing #2
We hoped to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston but when we got there it was $25 each to get in. We only had a couple of hours and really thought it was way too expensive so we walked away.  As we walked along the street there was a man, a woman and a young man admiring a sports car and out of the blue they spoke to us about it. We started talking and said how expensive the museum was and how we were going to give it a miss. The woman said to go with her. She turned out not to be with the other people and was on her way to work in the visitor information department of the museum. She gave us free tickets and so we went in and looked at American art and furniture from 1400 to the present.

Blessing #3
We hadn't booked anywhere to stay as we toured around New England.   Some evenings we looked at where we thought we might get to and booked something on the internet with varying results of quality.  However we hadn't booked anywhere on the Maine coast for the Wednesday night.  We drew up outside a beautiful looking Inn and Roger went in to enquire.  The receptionist asked him what sort of rate he wanted to pay!!!  He said a low rate would be good.  She said would $89 be okay so he said yes.  We were given yet another suite and when we looked it up on the internet it should have cost us $150.

And this was the view when we sat in the garden for breakfast the next day.

We continued our travels but after nearly having to sleep in the car on the Thursday night decided we should book ahead for Friday and Saturday.

Blessing #4
When we arrived at the hotel on Friday where we had booked a standard room, we walked in and the noise was terrible and the floor vibrated.  One of the hotel staff came to investigate which of course was when it stopped.  He went off to find out what it was and in the meantime the phone went and the receptionist said that we would be moving rooms with a free upgrade, and that the valet was on his way to move our luggage!

And the upgrade was to a - you've guessed it - a suite!

With this view from the balcony.

What amazing blessings.  Thank you God.  And thank you those who were praying.

Sometimes things didn't work out - for example I was badly bitten by mosquitoes and the last night was in a smoking room instead of a non-smoking because I didn't read the booking website properly.

At the Airport on Sunday I was chatting to God and said it would be really great to have an upgrade but if not, Roger and I having the 3 seats just for us would be great.

We got on the plane and found ourselves sat next to a very tall guy.  However shortly before takeoff the flight attendant asked him if he would like to move to another row where he would have more room - so we got our 3 seats.   Isn't God good?

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  1. Bernice I am so glad your stay in our country was so nice. And Yes, God is Great!!

  2. Well, you did have some good fortune come your way!
    And how lovely to get into the museum free. $25 is a lot to pay, even more so if you don't have long there.

  3. Oh God is so good! Glad you were se blessed - you both deserve and need it.


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