Saturday 26 October 2013

I've done it again!!!!!!

You would think I would learn, wouldn't you?!?

You know how I sign up for online classes.  I promised myself this year I wouldn't take on too many. I signed up for One Little Word, 21 Secrets and Lifebook 2013 at the end of last year. But to be truthful I've hardly done anything from these courses.

And then I think I was relatively good and didn't sign up for any online courses, although I did go to some actual workshops. Make It Personal at the NEC and the one with Tim Holtz plus some others at Art from the Heart.

And then I caved!  I started signing up for things and instead of writing them down - with the start dates - I just kept on signing.  And then I discovered that they are all happening at once!

I am reading The Artist's Way as a book study and online free class with Sandie.  If you want to join in then you need to sign up straightaway as the deadline is 1st November.  One of Julia Cameron's ideas is that you write Morning Pages.  Have I done any?  No, nada!  I have bought a new notebook to do them in but not actually taken the cellophane off it yet!

I signed up for Made which is an 18 week course and have managed one week of that, where I made this book.

And then there's Onwards & Upwards from Lemon & Raspberry.  Fortunately I only need to read the daily posts and think!  Although I expect I could put some more effort into it.

I signed up for five day of Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz and I have watched some of the videos but not actually made the tags or tried out the techniques!

And then there's Stencil Play with Carolyn Dube.  She is an amazing teacher and I'm really enjoying the class.  I was away at the beginning of the week when it started so on Thursday I spent the afternoon catching up.

Lastly there's the Brene Brown 'The Gifts of Imperfection' eclass hosted by Oprah.  I love the book and the TED talks that Brene had done so it's not surprising that I gave in very quickly to signing up for this.  We are at the end of week 1 and I am all up-to-date with the art.  This is page 3.

Next week I'm off to The Bramble Patch to do a two day workshop with Steph Redfern called Thrift & Alchemy.  However just to confuse me it's been combined with another class called Into the Rainforest.  I'll let you know how I get on!

And in the midst of all this I have been preparing all the blog posts for An Attitude of Gratitude 2013. Do come and join in.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I think I need a nap just reading your post. You are a very busy lady. Can't wait to begin An Attitude of Gratitude.

  2. What a class list! I am even more honored that you chose Stencil Play (and have been making such great papers in your play)!

  3. Love this post Bernice! I do the same though I have tried to be more restrained this year as I pay for courses then don't complete (or sometimes don't even start). Not because I don't want to but I never convince myself that work will get in my way and stop play! So glad you signed up for The Artists Way and are reading the book. I hope you get round to taking the cellophane off and starting morning pages! LOL


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