Monday 4 August 2014

1: Cultivating a Culture of Honour

Today is the first of eight sessions from the Bible Study in 1 Corinthians called A Culture of Honour.    On this blog I shall be posting about my creative response to each session.   Session 1 is called Cultivating a Culture of Honour.

I love the writing that Mary Brack and Hope Wallace Karney do in their journals but becasue I don't give time to practising such things I can't do that style.  However what I did do was go to dafont where I found some free handwriting fonts.  Using Publisher (you can use whatever Desktop Publishing package you have) I put the verse into the font and then arranged it in different sizes on the page.  I made sure the text box I was working would fit my journal page.   I printed out the verse and then shaded over the back heavily with a 3B pencil.

I turned the paper over and traced over the words with a pen which left a pale pencil impression and then went over that with two thicknesses of pen.

These are the pages with just the thin gesso layer on.

I chose some acrylic paints to keep to a colour scheme although in the end I didn't use all of them.

I bought myself some cosmetic sponges from the 99p shop to apply the paint and also used a damp wet wipe.  The paint wipes off the gesso if you use a wet wet wipe.

I chose 2 6x6" stencils to use although the bottom one didn't work well so I worked mostly with the top one.

I added some sage green over the pages and some blackberry through the stencil.  You can see where I tried unsuccessfully putting pale blue acrylic through the second stencil.

I chose a couple of stamps and the Peacock Feathers Distress Ink and randomly stamped onto my pages.  I didn't put the stamp onto a block.  I held it in my hand and pressed part of the stamp onto the paper.

I found a small butterfly stamp and used Archival Ink to stamp with.  However it was a bit too wet.  I listed those values that are important to me.

I hope you feel you can join in with the study.  If it's not your thing then I hope that my showing how I make my pages helps you with your art journaling.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. This is so pretty, Bernice. I have to try that word transfer thing. :)


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