Sunday 17 August 2014

It's my birthday today

and to celebrate I thought I would do a giveaway.  Well, actually two - one for the UK and one International.   The goody bags will contain assorted ribbons, buttons, metal bits, stick ons, scrapbook papers, old music and book pages - everything you might need for scrapbooking, altered books or mixed media art.

All you need to do is make a comment at the bottom of this post and say whether you are UK or International.  I will put your names into a draw and two of you will get a bag of goodies.

When I was 60 I planned to make a list of things I wanted to do during the rest of my life.  I never made the list.  For this blog post I was going to list 65 important things that have happened to me but that taxed the brain cell.  So instead here's a history of me in pictures.

Queen's Guide

21st birthday party

Not too sure about the hairstyle!

Open University BA and another dodgy hair-do!

Roger & I on our wedding day 1983

Master's Degree 1983

Andy's birth, September 1986
(Sorry about the picture quality - we don't have the plague - just been on display for a long time)

Another doubtful haircut

Champagne breakfast for my 50th

Andy & Naomi's wedding 2009

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary 2009

Dinner & the theatre for my 60th birthday

And how I spend my time now, five years later!

Celebrating this evening with dinner with friends.   Happy Birthday me!


  1. Happy Birthday Bernice from rainy Sydney :) Loved seeing your photos! ~ Louise

  2. Happy Birthday Bernice from Melbourne, Australia! What a great collection of memories. Thank you for your gift of inspiration which you share with all your followers.

  3. Happy Birthday Bernice, from India. Your blog is true inspiration. I have been inspired to start art journaling myself. Lovely milestone pictures! Hope you have a fantastic day and are celebrated by family and friends! God Bless.

  4. Happy. Birthday, Bernice! May you have many, many more! What a wonderful history you have in pictures!! Your pages and blogs and comments and classes have been such a wonderful inspiration to me, more than you'll know. Thank you also for your help with the Made 2014 class. I an't wait to see what you are going to teach! Much love, Emily USA

  5. Happy birth-day Bernice!! I loved this post and the photos of you. I had a dress just like the one for your 18th birthday and I cringe at some of my hairstyles through the years. lol

    I loved the photo of you with your head on Roger's shoulder, looking at your new born baby. No wonder it shows the test of time, it deserves to be seen and enjoyed. Have a wonderful day, and a fun filled year a head.
    Thank you for sharing gifts on your birthday.... what a lovely idea. I am in the UK and I hope you get lots of gifts in return on your special day.

  6. Happy Birthday. Lovely to see your life in pictures. Jo (UK)

  7. Great album Bernice..............many happy is so satisfying in these days of easy divorce to have a long and sustaining marriage and many congratulations.....
    Pat UK.....

  8. Happy Birthday Bernice! how lovely to see your life (and hairstyles!!) in photos!
    Have a great day
    Gill UK

  9. Happy Birthday Bernice! May the Lord bless you with many more years and return to you the blessings you've given others with the sharing of your many gifts.

  10. Happy Birthday all the way from Southern California.I enjoyed the tour of Your life.I esp. love the pic.of You ,Your hubby and newborn baby in the hospital. Looks to Me like You've had a wonderfully blessed life.Yes. Please include Me in Your giveaway, I'm an altered and paper crafter.Denise

  11. Happy Birthday Bernice, what a lovely set of photos to show your life's progress. I love the last one, it looks very much the same as how I spend my time.
    Love from Joy (UK) x x

  12. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! Many happy returns to you gorgeous lady!
    Sarah (uk)

  13. Happy Birthday!! Love seeing the photos, a bit of a visual story of some of the best moments in your life. Just so ya know, I have loads of pics of some hairdo's that my kids even seem to look upon as questionable. Enjoyed the post. ((((HUGS)))

  14. Happy birthday to my journaling friend! Hope it's a great day! I am in the USA.

  15. Happy birthday Bernice! What a wonde4rful way to share your birthday - in photos and with a giveaway! Loved seeing you through the years. (from Canada)

  16. Happy Birthday to you sweet friend! I loved seeing your photos! And found it neat that we both became mothers in September 1986 - fun!

  17. Happy birthday, Bernice from Manchester in the UK.

  18. Happy Birthday - hope you have a wonderful day filled with brilliant surprises. Love Sonja (UK)

  19. Hope your birthday was wonderful! Enjoyed the pictures!

  20. Loved the pictures Bernice!


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