Friday 22 August 2014

Birthday Giveaway

In my post last Sunday I promised a UK and an International Giveaway.

And I am delighted by the response.

I wrote out all the names on bits of paper.  And Sarah's name was in the pile on the right.  Although you can't see it in this photo

I folded them up and mixed them up.  

International on the left and UK on the right.

Closed my eyes and picked a piece of paper at random - not at all scientific!

So Emily & Joy - please email me with your name and address.  Thanks

Thanks to everyone else who took part.


  1. Congratulations Emily and Joy!

  2. Congratulations Emily & Joy and hope you had a wonderful birthday Bernice !

  3. Thank you Bernice for pulling my name out of your "hat", I'm really excited about receiving my gift. x x x

  4. Congratulations Emily and Joy! And thankyou Bernice for the opportunity to be a part of your birthday giveaway!


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