Friday 4 September 2015

God's Aviary

Do you remember on Wednesday I told you about the God's Aviary class?

I thought I would share some more information with you direct from His Kingdom Come.

If you are a new Faithartist, or are looking to improve your art techniques, this class is for you! Faithart102: God’s Aviary is designed for beginners to intermediate level skills. You don’t need to have done Faithart101 before taking this class – but do check it out here.

Each class can standalone, or be purchased as a bundle - all 5 classes for only $35!

Each class within Faithart102: God’s Aviary is a combination of a bible study or research paper and a technique based project. The 5 classes each start from the theme of birds in the Bible and the symbolism and meaning we can discover.

Each standalone class is only $8 with unlimited access and is included in the Faithart102: God’s Aviary bundle for $35.

Each class is by a Foundation Team member.
In the $35 bundle you will receive

God’s Aviary: Birds
Look at the Birds of the Air: Symbolism in the Bible Mary Brack starts us off with focusing on looking at how birds symbolize provision, protection, and renewal. She will show you how to make a journal from a folio for your art and study notes.

God’s Aviary: Nests
Merri Dennis shows us how nests were used as analogies for true safety and refuge as God provides shelter and protection for those who seek him. Merri will show you how to make a mini-album with a window cover using stamps and watercolor pencils.

God’s Aviary: Sparrows
Join Shonna Bucaroff to find out the insignificance of the Sparrow. Why does God use these little birds to illustrate such truth in His Word. Shonna will show you how to create a large keepsake tag book.

God’s Aviary: Doves
Diane takes an in-depth study of the symbolism and significance of the Dove - innocence, love, trust, symbol for Israel - the dove can lead us to a place of rest as well as be a symbol for the Holy Spirit. Diane will show you how to make a simple but stunning mixed media z-fold envelope book.

God’s Aviary: Eagles
This class with Bernice Hopper looks at the significance of eagles in the Bible – how we can see God’s lifestyle plan for us through the attributes of the eagle – soaring, taking us out of our comfort zones (nest building and destruction), faithfulness etc. For her project Bernice has taken a pattern for a tri-fold shutter card and made it into a book.

Standalone classes
To sign up for an individual class click on the title of a class listed above.

Classes start tomorrow.  Sign up today!

Stamps and Stencils
HKC has created stamps and stencils for you to use in this bible study technique series! Each teacher will be demonstrating how to use these faithart products during the Faithart102 classes! Purchase of the products is entirely optional and are stand-alone products for use in your faithart! You will be able to find these in the HKC shop.

I do hope you will join us for this exiting new set of classes.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. The classes sound great. I think I should complete my other classes first though. :)


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