Friday 18 September 2015

Take Me Deeper June

I showed you how I made backgrounds for my June Take Me Deeper journal pages.

The theme for June was Family.

Week 1: Why family?
As you know I don't usually put people on my pages but I was very taken with the quote from Kurt Bruner: "We know artists by their most important creations."  It seemed to me that my most important creations were my son Andy and my marriage to Roger so how could I not include this photo!  The beginning of our new family.

Week 2: The Trinity - Our model for family

Week 3: A Father's Love
I downloaded the Father's Love Letter from the internet and stuck it onto my page.  I blended two colours of Distress Ink to make it look part of the page.

Week 4: The Family of God
I printed out the logo of my church because Jubilee is my family.  In June I wrote a poem called Jubilee Jubilate about the 5 culture words of the church - honour, courage, authenticity, passion and family.  This is the family verse.  My friend Bernadette made the digital background for me.

I'm almost caught up with my journal now.  Just 3 weeks of April and then I'll be ready for October's prompts.  I've actually already done all of September.

Thanks for stopping by.

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