Friday 11 September 2015

Playing with Birds

Remember I told you about the class I made for His Kingdom Come about Eagles?  My class is one of five in the set called God's Aviary.

This week I decided to start working on Mary's class called Look at the Birds of the Air: Symbolism in the Bible, which can be done as a standalone class.

I haven't started on the Bible study yet but I have started on preparing the Tim Holtz Small Folio.  After I had downloaded Mary's instructions I painted the outside and inside of the folio.   You will notice that I have removed the elastic whilst I painted the board.

Mary used painted papers for her folio but I decided to look through my stash of scrapbooking papers and see what I had that was bird related.

I attached the paper pages to the waterfall hinge - I used mixed media paper rather than watercolour paper because that's what I had.  I cut up the scrapbooking papers and attached them to the mixed media paper.  I used doublesided tape and a gluestick rather than wet glue.  When they were all glued down I inked round the edges of the pages.

For the inside back page I cut a sheet of scrapbook paper to size and then used the HKC Dove stencil and a white pen.

It will fit here.

For the covers I cut paper to size, brushed matte medium all over the cover and pressed the paper onto the cover, then brushed the matte medium over the top to seal the paper.

And did the same thing on the inside cover.

So now I'm ready to fill my book with quotes, verses and pictures.

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  1. This looks lovely. Will these pages just be backgrounds to what ever you put in?

  2. Gorgeous pages & cover, Bernice! I can't wait to get my folio & begin!

  3. This is looking lovely already. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

  4. You found a lot of bird themed papers! Your folio looks wonderful, Bernice. I look forward to seeing how you fill your pages. :)

  5. just love your prepared pages!!!!! now I really want to buy a folio and make something!

  6. This is amazing Bernice! Love the bird pages.

  7. Beautiful! Birds are my favorite and these pages are fantastic just as they are. :)

  8. Oh my, Bernice, you are so very clever! This book is stunning. Great job and wonderful ideas.


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