Sunday 27 September 2015


At His Kingdom Come we decided that for Take Me Deeper each week in October and November, we would condense the monthly topics from January to September into a weekly devotion with a list of all the videos and Go Deeper study prompts. There are reflection questions for those people who have joined since January. For those who have been on the journey with us since the beginning there are rewind questions for people to spend a little more time on the topic or on a different aspect of the study.

So to introduce ReWind I have made a flipthrough video of the finished pages in my journal since we began in January.

It isn't too late to start Take Me Deeper 2015

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. SO fabulous to see this page by page - just loved it!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for this rewind.

  3. Great video flip through; you did a fantastic job. You might find this funny, but (while I love your truly artsy pages) I found your plain, mostly text pages to be the most inspiring. The reason is I tend to get stuck and put off art journaling until I have time to do something artsy. I know the purpose is the study and not the art, but this was a much-needed reminder for me. Thanks.


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