Wednesday 9 December 2015

Continuing the Venice project Cas Holmes style!

Yesterday I skimmed the surface of the Cas Holmes workshop.  On Saturday morning I started before the workshop officially began with this

I went through the previous afternoon's exercise which resulted in this.

Once the workshop had got going Cas suggested I traced over the image and cut myself a mask.  I glued the tracing to a piece of tracing paper that I had already used on the gelli plate and ended up with this.

I put it on some thin cotton fabric and printed with some lace and brushed some paint off the mask onto the fabric.

Cas had shown us how to print with found objects and had given us some lace to print with.  The pattern on the lace on the right reminded me of the brickwork pattern on the Doges Palace in Venice.

We printed on a variety of surfaces and in the afternoon Cas showed us how to collage these together with paste.  We needed to let these dry over night.

I also pasted a collage into my sketchbook.   I had taken with me some of my gelli prints.

We also collaged a piece by pinning the pieces so that we could stitch into them during the drying time of the other pieces. This is upside down while I was working into it.

On Sunday we continued working into our pieces.  This was a narrow piece drying.

I borrowed a machine to add covers to a book I decide to make.  I used a gelli print I had done on black paper to make the covers.

I continued to work into the other pieces during the day ending up with this collection of work.

I love this piece that looks like a remnant.

I'm excited to see where all this leads.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wow, Bernice. So much achieved in only a weekend and such beautiful, exciting work. My favourite bit is the mask you cut first thing, so many possibilities with that but the rest is superb too. Makes me even more excited about the possibility of doing a class with Cas next year.


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