Wednesday 27 January 2016

Glimpses of Jesus 4

Glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament is a year long bible study written by Simon Clay of Jubilee Church Solihull.   You can join in at any time.

This week's study is looking at Melchizedek who is described as the king of peace and righteousness in Genesis 14:17-24.

I decided to make a collage in my journal this week - but I didn't take any photos whilst I was making it.

I have some beautiful paper napkins that have wine bottles and glasses of red wine on so I cut those out and peeled off the top layer and glued those to the page.  I found a magazine photo of some bread - of course none of the elements are in proportion to one another.

I found a chipboard crown which I painted with gold acrylic paint and glued to the page.   The page had previously had gesso painted on it and I had smeared the whole page with Gel medium when I glued everything down.  I used watercolour paint to paint the background and then wrote the words.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Bernice, your imagery is wonderful! It reflects the Scripture so well. Thank you for sharing!


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