Friday 29 January 2016

Telling my story

I am doing a class with Jeanne Oliver called Reflections: Paint your story.  You can join in if you wish.

One of the exercises was to cut out words and phrases from magazines that stood out to you and make them into a poem.  I painted the background first then stuck the words on.

In another exercise we were asked to collect together lots of photographs of our lives plus bits and pieces about things we like and create a storyboard.

I used the back of the dining room door to put this together.  I had a lot more photos than this to choose from but they didn't make it to the door.  Plus there are thousands of other photos that I didn't even look through.

When it was finished I looked at it and realised vast swathes of my life are missing from the storyboard.  There's nothing up there about my education or my working life.   So what is there?  Some family and various elements of my creativity - art, textiles and photography.

The photos didn't last long on the back of the door - some of them were pulling other ones off so I took them down and put them into the groups they seemed to belong to.

It is very interesting to me to look at these photos and ponder on why I chose them and what they represent.  And how much was left out and why.

And then from this storyboard I painted a timeline picture.  If you want more details on how I did that you will need to sign up for the Jeanne Oliver class.

Here's how I started.

 And here's the finished piece.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow,I love what you have done, Bernice! And, btw, I adore that photo of you as a young girl. :)

  2. I feel a buzz from reading this, so many good ideas shared. I love cutting up magazines and making collages or vision boards. I agree, it is interesting why and what photos you chose. I look forward to seeing how this develops. I like the last photo of your finished piece, it looks a great class. I haven't done any with Jeanne Oliver. I'll have to find out more about what she does but liking what I see here.


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