Sunday 3 January 2016


Last week I wrote about the background to my choice of one word for 2016: Purpose although I didn't really spell it out and maybe at the end of the blog post you were wondering the connection between what you had read and my choice of word.

When I stood down from the Foundation Team at His Kingdom Come I felt a real peace about it but also a sense of loss.  The formation and running of HKC had been my focus and purpose for over 12 months.  And as I said in my post introducing my word: 'But giving up something that is successful without God saying what is next is bittersweet and I'm not good at just resting or not knowing what is coming next.'

I felt that I needed a purpose or a vision for what is coming next.  And I seriously thought about having Vision as my word.   'Where there is no vision, the people perish ..' Proverbs 29:18

But Purpose kept coming back into my mind.  I also prayed about it.

And various books and articles kept showing up which helped confirm the right choice.

I looked online for a dictionary definition of purpose
• : the reason why something is done or used : the aim or intention of something
• : the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something
• : the aim or goal of a person : what a person is trying to do, become, etc.

A friend posted a link on Facebook to a website which also led me to a book: Chazown - the book and the website

In May, Mary wrote some devotions for His Kingdom Come based on self-care and I intend to return to those and to look at the links Mary provided:
I have signed up for One Little Word and downloaded the ebook from logos365 and will use the ideas from both to combine to make my own exploration of Purpose throughout 2016.

Listen to the words of this song.

I want to dig down into what makes me the person I am and to tell my story.  To get that going I signed up for a class from Jeanne Oliver: Reflections.

I much prefer to choose a word for the year - something that I want to see more of in my life.  Do you choose a word for the year?  If so, why not share it in the comments below.

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  1. This is a great and inspiring post Bernice! Looking forward to seeing how you progress. Also looking forward to hubby going back to work tomorrow so I can delve into this deeper :) All the best for 2016!

  2. Good luck with Reflections, Bernice. Not committed to my one word yet. I thought I had chosen but decided I may want something more gentle to remind me how to achieve this.

  3. Bernice, in the late 1990s the Lord asked me to lay down a ministry that I loved and was flourishing in. I don't remember the exact year, but it was October. There was a vague sense that something new was coming in the new year. Sure enough the something new began even by December and led me into children's ministry. I now feel that I am entering a time of ministry with children that i have been prepared for all of my life and I could not be filled with more joyful expectation and PURPOSE. I know the Lord has a wonderful purpose in mind for you and your obedience in stepping down from a ministry you loved is etching his Divine image into you more deeply than before. For me, there were some hard years of process, but I had a lot of rough edges to carve away. I pray that you will be able to step easily into the divine purpose he has for you Bernice. (Ephesians 2:10)
    Blessing hugs,


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