Monday 18 July 2016

ExTex Homework

Experimental Textiles or ExTex 5 started last month with Kim Thittichai.

Since that weekend I have worked on the repeat patterns from our first session and started the homework.

I felt that my 'journey' piece was really airy fairy so I scanned part of it and printed it out.  I printed a second copy and went over it with black pens to make it stronger.

These are the patterns I had taken from the journey activity.

I have set out all my work in my sketchbook but rather than using glue I have used washi tape just in case I want to assemble the work differently when I've done the activities in session 2.

Here I've played with one of the design sections.

For this I tidied up the original design section so that the pieces would fit together better.  I tried two different colourways.

 I tried a different way of flipping the design and different sizes.

Here's a coloured in repeated pattern

For homework we were asked to develop a design in black and white felt using the opposites inserted.   I drew out the repeating pattern in black and white.

I cut out the pieces of felt and used bondaweb to attach the pieces to calico ready to stitch.  On the right hand side are two pages of repeat patterns out together on the computer.

I haven't decided how I am going to stitch on the felt yet so I will share the finished result at a later stage.

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  1. Using felt took it to a whole new level. Stitching on it will be exciting to see.


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