Friday 21 April 2017

Hilton Head Island and Savannah

After our lovely time in Charleston we drove to Hilton Head Island.  In the evening we drove to Harbourtown for dinner.  We were somewhat surprised to arrive at a gated community where we had to pay $6 to get in.  However, having paid our money we drove through into what turned out to be a resort.

We had a great dinner and drove back to the hotel.

The next morning we went to investigate one of the beaches on the island.  We were much taken with this sign!

Coligny beach was beautiful

Having got our fill of sun, sea and sand we drove off towards Savannah.  We stopped off at the Ann Taylor shop where I spent a lot of money and Elaine almost got offered a job as she played at being my personal shopper.

If you are planning to visit Charleston & Savannah we would recommend you go to Savannah first.  It's not as pretty as Charleston and we think it would be better to finish your trip in delightful Charleston.  Anyway, more photos of architecture coming up!

We walked down to the riverfront and this is looking in one direction.

Then behind me

And then along the other way!

John Wesley lived in Savannah for a while

We got on a free bus that took us to Forsyth Park where there was a beautiful fountain.

Walking back to the car we passed more interesting buildings.

We drove to the hotel for the night.  Despite all my careful planning this was much nearer to Savannah than it needed to be.  However I wasn't sure how much time we would spend in Savannah so it was probably the right decision.  However it did make for a very long drive the next day to Cocoa Beach in Florida.

Next instalment on Monday.

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  1. This looks a really interesting place to visit, the buildings are beautiful but what stood out most is that sign!! I wonder when it was erected? It did make me smile...

  2. What an interesting place to visit! I like the buildings, so impressive, but what I will remember is that sign! I wonder when it was erected? It makes me think how times have changed. Great post.

    1. Now you have 2 because I didn't think the first comment posted! At least I have sorted out my sign in problem!


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