Friday 28 April 2017

Washington D.C.

I left a very warm Florida for Washington DC which on the day of my arrival was covered in grey clouds and was very cold.  I arrived at Reagan International and had a very steep learning curve in finding out how to use Uber.  My suitcase weight was now very close to the weight limit for the flight home so I decided to take a taxi to the one bedroomed apartment I had rented.

I dumped the luggage and took the Circulator bus (cost $1) to Georgetown.  It was a lovely area with lots of different styles of architecture.

I found a beautiful French restaurant where I had a late lunch.  Most of the other customers were French speakers!

I continued my walk around Georgetown.

I visited The Stone House - the oldest building in Washington.  Still not as old as places in the UK!

I decided to walk alongside the river back into Washington.  Not the most sensible decision in the cold.  Plus it was over 2 miles to the Lincoln Memorial.

This is the back of the Lincoln Memorial.  I spent some time trying to find out how to cross the road here!

The other side of the memorial.  There were a lot of people despite it being 5pm on a cold Friday afternoon.

The Washington Monument is 0.8 of a mile from the Lincoln Memorial.  And it's a further 1.5 miles to the Capitol Building.

However, instead of walking to the Capitol Building I went to the White House instead, which was almost a mile away.

Having walked around 5 miles during the afternoon I went back to the apartment and had an early night.

Saturday morning: Alexandria
I discovered that there was going to be a big parade on the Saturday to celebrate the Cherry Blossom so to get away from the crowds I took the Metro to Alexandria.   This was another area with beautiful architecture.

The Torpedo Factory had been turned into an Arts Centre with 82 artists' studios.

There was a paddle steamer moored at a jetty.

With my zoom lens I could take photos of Washington in the distance.

I decided to take a boat trip back to Washington as it was a lovely warm day.  Sadly the view along the river banks wasn't particularly picturesque

The steel on the left is the Air Force Memorial and the low building hidden in the trees is the Pentagon.

The boat trip ended close to the Tidal Basin and West Potomac Park.

I'll tell you about the rest of my visit to Washington DC next time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Blue skies even if it was a bit cold. it certainly looks an interesting place to visit, and lovely architecture. It's good to got out and saw the sights. Well done you.


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