Monday 7 August 2017

Steph Redfern: Personal Pages

Following on from the one day workshop I did a separate 2 day workshop with Steph Redfern, again at the RBSA in Birmingham.  And I remembered to take photos!

The theme for the 2 days was Artists Books which is a vast subject.  If you're interested Google and you will find over 14,000 articles on the internet!

Steph brought several examples of her work for us to look at and you can see them on her website.
Photo from Steph's website used with permission

I had already decided before I went that I would use Venice as my inspiration - continuing with the work I have shown on the blog here over several posts.

I took some of the same fabrics from the previous workshop plus lots of the gelli prints that I had done.

I started on the first day with some A4 sheets of Khadi paper and learning from the Floating Patterns workshop I isolated a few elements from the pile.

I didn't plan what I wanted to do and just glued different things to different pages.  At the end of the day I had these:

But I wasn't thrilled with them and half way through had discovered the papers weren't all the same thickness or colour.  I went home for a rethink.

Next day I started on a zigzag book and this time laid it out before sticking. I also managed to make the space I was working in just as untidy as at home!  And this photo was taken after I had tidied up a bit.

I left this and returned to the original A4 sheets.  Steph found she had some of the thicker paper and I was able to buy that which really helped.

I dismantled some of what I had done the day before and removed some of the pages which may appear as another book!  I then went on to make these pages, with the first photo showing the cover.

There are several more pages to make and some additions to make to those pictured here plus some stitching but by now I was running out of steam.

I went back to the zigzag book and started some stitching and adding the odd bead!

I'm pleased with where this work is going.  I hope it all gets finished.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Looks like an exciing workshop Bernice and yours is coming along well. Are you pleased with it?


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