Friday 4 August 2017

Steph Redfern: Floating Patterns

Last weekend I went to the RBSA in Birmingham to take a day's workshop with Steph Redfern.  The great thing for students (but maybe not the tutors) about the workshops at RBSA is that that the tutor has to provide course aims and a list of skills and knowledge to be taught as well as the course description.  This means you know exactly what you are signing up for.

That said I signed up for Steph's workshop because it was Steph!

And it was local and I could get there on the train for free!  [In the Centro area of the West Midlands the standard English bus pass works on the trains and the tram as well.]

No really, I signed up because I love Steph's work.  It isn't at all my style so I thought it would be great to try something that would stretch me.

The skills & knowledge to be taught included:
How to choose, simplify and use elements from personal visual resources to explore and
experiment with the use of pattern and space.

How to choose and develop motifs, and their eventual arrangement and role in your work.

I've done mixed media collage classes before and learned the 'rules'.  I did a great class with Seth Apter.

The great thing about Steph's work is that she has her own way of working that bears no resemblance to the 'rules'.
Photo from Steph's website used with permission

I took with me some of my photos from Florida and some of the fabrics I had dyed and printed on either at Hilary Beattie's Sanctuary workshop or when I've been at Littleheath Barn.

I forgot to take photos as I went along so I only have this photo.

The background fabric is a piece of dyed fabric which I had used thermofax screens to print with.  It needs to be stitched and then I need to decide what to put it on.  Or I could use it as a book cover.  I'll let you know what I decide.

I'm not sure whether I will embrace this method of working but I did learn how to choose, simplify and use elements from personal visual resources and that will be really useful.  It takes me away from somehow trying to use photgraphic representation in my work and enable me to narrow down the subject.

Coming up next: Two days with Steph Redfern - Artists' Pages.

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