Friday 11 August 2017

Mixed Media Approaches

This week I attended a 2 day workshop at the Minerva Gallery in Llanidloes.  It was called Mixed Media Approaches to Abstract Designs with Bobby Britnell.

It was described thus:
This will be a challenging course which will take students on a journey of discovery by starting with a series of clear, quick accessible drawing exercises directly onto prepared papers. All of this preliminary work, which will be carried out using a variety of media, surfaces and tools, will form the basis for personal interpretations into larger scale works using mixed media approaches. The course is not about producing a finished piece of work but is about the ‘journey’ and the ‘discovery’ of something new along the way. It will hopefully encourage you to think differently about your work. Artist research will help to inform students of further developments and ideas. It is also hoped that students will engage in some lively discussion.


Anyway we spent 2 days being challenged and with clear instructions from Bobby I ended up with 35 pages of an A4-ish sketchbook filled up.So as that's a lot of photos I'll do two posts.

The following are photos of each page in my sketchbook.  The notes haven't been added yet and I'm not going to go through all the information we were given.  You'll have to go on one of Bobby's courses for that!

Using a Graphite stick

Using a pen

Graphite, pen, an eraser and a pencil

On gesso

On calico with gesso

We also looked at how artists use line in their art.

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