Monday 28 August 2017

Taco book

Christine Chester has designed a range of thermofax screens in conjunction with Thermofax Screens.  And being totally addicted to thermofax screens (along with Washi Tape!) I just had to buy some.

I thought I was very restrained - I only bought 4.  Peeling Paint, Raindrops, Shatter and Spatter 1.

And of course I needed to try them out.  I used some circles of Khadi paper.  I started with Paper Artsy paint but it was too thin and so I returned to Amsterdam acrylic paints.

Spatter 1 and Shatter

Spatter 1 and Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint

Raindrops and Shatter
I tried the Peeling Paint screen on some printed fabric.

And when the acrylic paint was dry on the Khadi paper I painted it with Koh-I-Noor dye.  Which turned out a bit yellow!

I thought I would make the papers into a book.  Which is when I found out that the circles weren't geometrically correct or exactly the same size.

But never mind!  I've stuck them together and I'll paint the bits that are showing white.

And when it's closed - it looks like a taco!

Ah well.  I'll paint and stamp and doodle on it.  I think!

Thanks for stopping by.

PS: Have you left a comment on the last post to win a copy of the July/August Somerset Studio?  You have until midnight tonight.


  1. This is fabulous Bernice! your new screens look interesting, I'll have to check them out!
    I like your khadi paper circles, did you buy them like that or cut them out yourself???

    1. Thanks Gill. I bought the paper as a packet of circles.

  2. Looking good Bernice. Those circles are very naughty, Khadi paper doesn't do accurate, all part of its charm I suppose.

  3. Love them Bernice... you may just have put temptation in my way! :)


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