Saturday, 13 July 2019

TGIF on a Saturday #1

I recently found a new TGIF meme on This West London Life blog.   Most of us would recognise TGIF as Thank God (or Goodness) It’s Friday, but for Brené Brown it stands for Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration and Fun.   In light of my recent post Notice the small things I thought I might join in with the meme - but on a Saturday.

What things have I noticed in these areas?

Trusting the amazing massage skills of Helena who looks after my back and removed the many aches and pains I had this week.

Grateful for a loving and supportive husband

Inspired by the teaching and work of Leah Higgins
(c) Leah Higgins

Spending 5 days printing fabrics at Leah's studio (more about this in my next post).

What things have you noticed this week?

Thanks for joining me today.

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