Tuesday 16 July 2019

Leah Higgins

I recently spent 5 days in Leah Higgin's studio learning about Breakdown Printing.  Leah runs some amazing 5 day workshops and she is an excellent teacher.  AND you can take her home with you in the form of her book Breakdown Your Palette.

Over the days I made various screens.  The first few on show here were made by drawing the dye onto the screen using Procion Dye mixed with Print Paste in a squeezy bottle.

These drippage ones were made by drawing a thick line of the dye mix and putting the screen upright so the dye dripped down the screen.

These next 3 represent the several (I lost count) screens I made by putting a layer of dye mix on the screen and then embedding bits of metal and plastic into the dye.

When the dye is completely dry you pull off the embedded bits and then it's ready to use.

On the first day I used the black dye which when it breaks down with print paste is quite a blue black.

The rest of the week I used Petrol Green and Rust Brown.   We did a 15-colour family using bucket dyeing.

Next time I'll show you the fabrics I printed using the numerous screens I made.

Thanks for joining me today


  1. I love breakdown printing, Leah sounds a very inspiring tutor !
    I look forward to seeing the results of your screens.
    Do you have a good source of manutex Bernice?

    1. On the rare occasion I've bought Manutex I have ordered from ArtVanGo.


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