Tuesday 20 August 2019

Celebrating 70

It's not often that I share photos of me so the last post was a bit of an aberration.  And now there's another post!  What has the world come to!  Mind you only one of me this time.

But I am so very blessed.

A very dear friend, Vicky, said she and her husband Steve, wanted to host a birthday lunch for me on the day after my birthday.   And what a lunch party it was!

I am blessed to have such friends.

Vicky arrange all the invitations, the food and drink.

She roped in other people to help with the catering.  I don't know who did what, but thank you.  I know that Ange went to great lengths to make me a cake with my favourite colour - turquoise - and my favourite chocolate - Cadbury's.

My friends came and blessed me with cards, presents and conversation.  The weather was kind too.

Lots of questions had been asked about my favourite foods and I mention Vicky's chocolate bread & butter pudding. And here it is.  It was totally yummy.

Rosie and Ditch came from London especially to celebrate with me AND made a Florida Salad.  Thank you both.

After a sumptuous lunch, I cut the cake.  It was superb.

And if that wasn't enough blessings, Vicky had arranged for these two to Facetime.

They had stayed up until way past midnight to make the call.  Above and beyond, wouldn't you say!

What a fabulous afternoon to be blessed in such a way by friends and family.  Thank you all.

And you know I can't resist a bit of rust!!!  There was a fire bowl on the patio and there was rust!

How could I resist?

I nearly forgot!  Another blessing!  Several of my friends donated to a Birthday Fundraiser I put on Facebook to raise money for Once, We Were Soldiers.  Thank you to all who donated.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. What a lovely party! So glad you had a festive birthday. :)

  2. Hi, I live in Florida and don't know what a Florida Salad is...hum!
    Would your friend Vicki share her chocolate bread and butter pudding recipe?
    It could go right here under my request!! I won't miss it that way.

  3. I think a Florida salad is basically a coleslaw with bits of mandarin oranges in it. If you google chocolate bread & butter pudding you will find several versions. I will ask Vicky which version she uses.


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