Saturday 10 August 2019

Festival of Quilts

Last weekend I went to the Festival of Quilts.  I am very fortunate that the show is only a 25 minute bus ride away.  I have a bus pass so the journey is free and I don't have to pay the extortionate amount that is charged for parking.   I was also very fortunate to be given a ticket for the show in return for an hour's stewarding on Leah Higgin's gallery.  Surrounded by breakdown printing!!

I spent much longer at the show than I would normally and I think I still managed to miss bits because photos come up on my Facebook newsfeed of textiles I don't remember seeing.  In this post you will only see photos of things that caught my eye.
Connecting threads, fading borders by Annelies Ghyselen

Plot 105: 52 weeks by Alice Fox

Several pieces by Eszter Bornemisza

I think this piece may have been the most popular exhibit in the show.  It's certainly the one I've see most on my Facebook newsfeed.

Breakdown by Sue Hotchkiss

Binic Boat Stack by Deborah Sexton

Summer Time by Janet Bevan

Twelve by Natalia Davydenko

Three Poems by Stephanie Redfern

shallow water by hanne ladegaard

Fractured Circles by Robyn Fahy

Blue Mesh by Lucie Summers

Venice by Janice Gunner

Fading ii by Christine Chester

And after spending more than an hour in Leah's gallery I did not take one photo of her work.  What was I thinking!!!!??!!

Thanks for joining me today.

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