Saturday 3 August 2019

More Master Practitioner Module 2

Last time I showed you the samples I made.

I made this zigzag book based on a class by Kasia Avery in the Wanderlust classes.  The different papers were glued together.

And after gesso, paint, stencilling and stitching it looked like this.

I took this with me when I went to Leah Higgins' studio to do the breakdown printing course.  Whilst the rust brown and petrol green gave me darker colours than my painted version, it gave me a palette to work on for the final piece.

The final pages of my workbook show the zigzag book on the left and the folded photos of the samples with the information about each sample on the right.

 The photos of the samples opened out.

For the final piece of this module, I am thinking of making a wall hanging consisting of 3 panels, each of maximum size 15cms by 1.65m. The panels will be attached to wooden industrial textile bobbins.

I will use this for an exhibition with Traverse. The theme for the exhibition is Senses. A walk along the canal is a sensory experience – sights, sounds, smells.

This photo shows a mock up using photos of the breakdown printed fabric. These photos were taken before the fabrics were washed out. The final fabrics are paler than this.

With the samples I have tried out various techniques using nuno felting – using a photo printed on silk, handmade silk paper with a photo transferred to it, batik on tissue, fabric piecing using Bondaweb, printing with acrylic paint on fabric, photographs of collages printed on silk and on cotton, fabric and paper collage, and breakdown printing.

The final design will hopefully consist of rectangles and squares of the breakdown printed cotton with added rectangles of nuno felting, collaged photos printed on cotton, batik on tissue and other elements from the sample.  I will layer these onto lawn or scrim with a cotton backing and stitch through the layers.

I'll let you know how I get on!

Thanks for joining me today.

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