Saturday 17 August 2019

This is my life

Some of you might remember the programme 'This Is Your Life' with Eamonn Andrews and his big red book.  To celebrate my 70th birthday today, here is a photographic version of my big red book.  Key moments rather than a photo a year!




21st birthday(1970)   By now I was wearing contact lenses!

I don't seem to have any photos for the next 13 years!

 May 1983

Andy 1986

 August 1999 - 50th birthday champagne breakfast

 25th Wedding Anniversary 2008

 Andy & Naomi's wedding 2009

60th birthday 2009

I have done such a lot in the last 10 years.  Retired, travelled, art journaled, run online challenges, taken numerous workshops etc, most of which has appeared on this blog.  I've done so many things it's been difficult to choose one photo.  So representing the last 10 years here's Roger & I trying to take a selfie using my camera rather than my phone. It was supposed to be of us eating ice cream in Manly.

More importantly 3 grandchildren (2 boys and a girl) have been born in 2015, 2017 and 2019.  In the Hopper family line there has only been one child in each generation since at least 1850. Each time just one boy. Andy broke the mould by having two boys. In June 2019 Hopper history was made. Our granddaughter was born.
Crystal Rose Photography

And so to today.

Thanks for joining me to celebrate my special day.


  1. Hope you have another day to remember. Happy Birthday.

  2. What an awesome post and congratulations on this special day! The newest relatives are adorable and what a beautiful family you have. So happy for you.

  3. Happy happy birthday Bernice! I loved seeing the photos of your life! My life is better with you in it my Friend ❤️

  4. I certainly do remember 'This Is Your Life'!!

    What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday - it's been lovely having a little nosey through you family album, and those Grandchildren are adorable.

    Have a wonderful Birthday and wishing you health and happiness for many more birthdays to come xxx


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