Tuesday 21 January 2020

Dis-ast-er daa-rling!

Can you tell I'm a Strictly fan?  I wasn't dancing I was preparing a screen for breakdown printing.  And I mixed the dye too wet and then tried adding more manutex powder.

Which didn't really work.  I ended up with some very thin dye on my screens.  Then I added the shells.

The shells were an experiment.  I know how flat things work on a breakdown screen, but who knows what the shells might do.

Lots of the dye leaked through the screen.  Then I left the shells on for too long so that when I came to pull them off they pulled up the dried dye which was paper thin.

It looked like this when I'd pulled off the shells.

So all in all - a dis-ast-er!

Although to be fair the shells looked quite cool.

So what happened when I tried printing the screen, I hear you ask!


Not very well really!   This was using print paste.  The coral sand was a bit random and then I tried the robins egg blue over the top.  This is while it was still wet.  I wasn't holding out much hope for what it would look like when washed.

I mixed up some dye with the print paste and printed through the screen on the left and used a thermofax screen on the right.

 I used the thermofax screen over the blue.

 Lastly I scraped the dye onto the silk noil using an old credit card.

Thirty six hours later I washed the fabrics out.  And most of the blue had disappeared as I had thought it might.

However they are in a similar colour palette to the silk noil I had already painted at a previous session.

I need to add some more blue to these fabrics or to another piece of fabric and then I'll be set to make something.  Or start again!

I'll let you know.

Thanks for joining me today.

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