Tuesday 14 January 2020

Sample book

Part of my Master Practitioner module is to make samples and to display them in a cohesive way.   I used an A2 sheet of watercolour paper and randomly printed acrylic paint through my gondola prow thermofax screen.  I printed on both sides of the paper.

Then I tore the paper into three equal strips.  I fold two of the strips into thirds.  I folded the cover with a narrow spine to be able to sew the other pages into it.

When I had completed the samples and stuck them into the book I folded the cover with a deep fold echoing the spine so that when it was pulled to the front it holds the book closed.

I made 12 samples. I stuck the samples onto the pages and wrote what I had done for each one.

For two of the paper lamination samples I cut holes in the page so that the sample can be seen from both sides.

I submitted all the photos of my sketchbook and the samples to the tutor and have received very positive feedback.

In my next post I'll tell you about the design brief I submitted with all this work and how I am getting on with developing the finished piece.

Thanks for joining me today

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