Tuesday 1 December 2020

A second sketchbook

After I had shown you the pages in my sketchbook from Laura Kemshall's sketchbook challenge, I started another sketchbook.  I wasn't totally in love with what I had done in the first one, but I will continue with it.  There was a vague theme of Venice but I haven't totally thought it through yet.

The second sketchbook has text as the theme.  Last time I showed you some of the gel plate monoprints I had made.  In September I started doing Text - Texture - Textiles at Littleheath Barn and my theme was walk which is also my word for the year.  So with this second sketchbook I thought I would use walk as the theme again.  I printed out a few black and white photos that I took in 2019 on a walk along the Stratford Canal.

I've scanned a few of the pages so you can see where I've got to

This is a photo of a piece of text work I did at a Simon Sonsino workshop

I've been going back through the sketchbook using stencils (bottom right)

I kept to a colour palette but I think I need to go through and put a brighter complementary colour on some of the pages.  Probably orange!

All of the videos are now available for the Sketchbook Challenge so why not join in.

Thanks for joining me today.

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