Saturday 15 January 2022

More planner stuff

I told you about my {Word of the Year} in a recent post.   The word {More} was supposed to be about more creativity, more connection and more moving about.

Well, two weeks in, it seems to be about more Happy Planner stuff especially stickers!!!  I now have 7 books of stickers with another 4 in transit.  I really recommend hifivergirl on eBay for her excellent customer service.

I made myself a bookmark using some paper I printed out and the acrylic backing that came on the planner.  It has the holes ready punched in it.  In Happy Planner terms it's called a Dashboard.  I have no idea because it's a bookmark!!!

I stuck in all the boxes I made that I told you about in the previous planner post.

I bought a digital print of books on a bookshelf from PeaceBasket99 on Etsy.  My plan is to record the books I read.  However this is a list of my favourite authors on Kindle Unlimited.  They all write detective fiction.  I will be doing other lists.

Here are the pages for the month.  For the last two years in my journals I have only filled in the calendar at the end of the month so that I only recorded things that actually happened.  I thought I would be safe this month to put things in ahead of time.  Wrong!  Textile Explorations was postponed due to Liske's boys having Covid.

On to my weekly layouts.  This was my first ever spread. I'm still not sure whether to cut the 2022 numbers out of coloured paper to cover up the not quite black ones.

The first week of January

This week.  I used the Miss Maker stickers because this week was going to be heavily creative but that didn't happen.  However I have cleared the table so I can work on it.  And I cleared up a bit of the spare room.  Need a lie down now!

Here's the layout for next week.  I've hardly anything to do next week so there's more stickers than ever.

How are you recording your life this year?  Journal?  Diary?

Thanks for joining me today

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  1. Wow. This is awesome Bernice. Love the bookmark and the colors. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.


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