Tuesday 8 March 2022

21 word challenge

I am part of a Writers Group at church - similar to the photography group - only writing!  I have set the members a challenge which starts today and I thought my readers might like to join in.

Each day for 21 days I am going to give them a word to use for writing creatively.  Only one or maybe two sentences are needed for each word.

If you can't find a way to use the chosen word, why not look up synonyms to use.

Rather than give you a word each day I'm putting all the words for this week.  Next week I'll issue the next 7 words.

Use one word a day in a sentence (Maximum of 2 sentences).

1. Saffron 

2. Jaundiced 

3. Writhed 

4. Pummelled 

5. Crestfallen 

6. Benevolence or benevolent 

7. Rigorous 

It would be great if you shared your sentences in the comments next Tuesday.  See you there.

Thanks for joining me today

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