Tuesday 29 March 2022

21 words finale

The third week of the challenge had some particularly difficult words.  We use WhatsApp to share our sentences and autocorrect doesn't make life any easier.  Sapid kept being corrected to Sapir!  Turns out that Edward Sapir was a linguist - very suitable.

15. Perilous
The ascent of Kilimanjaro was long and exhausting with rests to be able to adapt to the lessening amount of oxygen as the climbers got nearer to the peak. It was a perilous journey not knowing whether the climbers would succumb to acute mountain sickness and the possibility of death

16. Perturbed
The food critic was perturbed that instead of the restaurant being closed down, he was being trolled on social media for his criticisms. The trolls comments included death threats to himself and violence to his family.

17. Amoral & 18. Immoral
As part of a nature v nurture scientific experiment, the Moral twins were separated after birth and sent to different parents to be raised. ‘A’ grew up unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. Whilst ‘Im’ grew up knowing right and wrong but developed a violent streak which was at odds with the moral upbringing.

19. Sapid
The food critic was delighted to be a guest judge on Masterchef, where he ate the most delectable and sapid plates of food.

20. Engulfed
The arsonist smirked as he carefully laid the trail of fuel through the building. He reached the exit. He put down the almost empty can and tossed a lighted match into a pool of petrol. As he opened the door he threw the rest of the petrol towards the fire. Unfortunately for him the petrol splashed back over him and he was quickly engulfed in flames.

21. Ridiculous
At the start it felt totally ridiculous to challenge ourselves to write a sentence or two every day from a new word for each of 21 days. However it has been really enjoyable. I have loved seeing the various different contributions. 21 days is a ridiculous amount of time. When we do it again perhaps we should only have 10 words and 10 days.

I hope you have enjoyed my sentences over the past three weeks.  It has been a very enjoyable and brain stretching activity.

Glad it's over though!  For now!

Thanks for joining me today

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