Saturday 12 March 2022

31 days of Art Journalling

I signed up to do Laura Kemshall's workshop: 31 days of art journalling.   I am up to date with watching the videos but not so with the actual pages.

I chose a small square Seawhite sketchbook for this project.  Before I started I took out the centre pages of each signature.  I learned from the class I did with Laura before that the binding doesn't like all the extras pasted in.  It also means there are less pages to complete.

Laura introduces a different idea or technique each day so none of the pages I am going to show you are anywhere near finished.

Some previously painted papers ready to put into the book.

Machine and hand stitching

Letters cut from a newspaper and a magazine

Laura suggested a variety of themes to choose from but I retreated to one of my favourites- canals.  I cut some photos from the Towpath newspaper that we get.  And this Roundhouse from the National Trust magazine.

I had a go at a Ransom Note headline

And I've glued in a couple of my own photos.


The workshop is a third of the way through and I'm intrigued to see what Laura comes up with next.  I am a bit behind but not to worry there's plenty of time.

Why not come and join me.  You can find all the details here: DMTV

Thanks for joining me today

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