Thursday 21 July 2011

Explore days 2 & 3

On Tuesday Shimelle invited us to find a postcard and send it to ourselves.   I found this postcard from our visit to the Lake District in April.
 Our task was to write about adventures in our lives so I made a list of things I've done.  I didn't actually post it though!

And day 3 was about maps and to make some circular embellishments with maps.   I decided not to journal about this but to use a Tim Holtz stamp instead on some Paper Artsy paper.   I used an old map and a tourist map with some plain paper for the embellishments.


  1. It's fun seeing your take on this class, I'm enjoying seeing how we all get the same prompts, but everyone's is slightly different.

  2. You have got much further than me, so far I have taken my self portrait and decided to possibly do something with index cards as a play book.

  3. I love what you've done with the map it's great :-)

  4. I love the timeline of journaling and your pages!


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