Thursday 14 July 2011

Me in my MoleskinE

Regular readers will know that I am a bit of a Shimelle junkie ~ if not stalker!

I've added a new person to my stalking list!  Kirsty Wiseman.

I spent Sunday with Kirsty on the photography course and at home I am doing her online course Me in My MoleskinE.

And now Kirsty has a new course called 'Feel'.  And you know me, the addiction kicked in, (see July 12th's post) and I signed up.


  1. Annaliese, Shimelle, really are a junkie aren't you. You seem to be enjoying your retirement!

  2. ah yes the shimelle and kirsty stalkers strike again, heehee. i got my moleskin yesterday and have done the front cover and glued a few pages together. I have also cut out all the lil phrases. Looking forward to completing some proper art now,
    jo xxx

  3. I really like your front cover. Lea x


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