Tuesday 12 July 2011

I am a new class junkie!

Last night I found a free Art Journaling course and got excited.    This morning I received an email from Shimelle saying the forum was open for her new class that I have signed up for, which provoked me to make a list of what I am already committed to with regard to courses - online or otherwise.     So here's 10 on the 12th.  Although I suspect I could probably find a couple more things if I thought about it long enough!

Soul Restoration 2 
Wk 3
Wk 4
Wk 5
Wk 6

Marit’s Summer Camp Art Journal

heART&soul photos

Summer of Colour

One Little Word:

SFTIO layouts: Independence

Colour! Or is it Color?




So I suspect I shouldn't sign up for the free class, but how long do you think I can hold out for?   


  1. I think you will have signed up before you read this! :D

    I know what you mean though, there does seem to be a lot going on at the moment.

  2. lol i suspect i can call myself that too. i signed up for that 30 day cleanse class. it's already very active with lots of interaction going on there. i do feel i'm overcommitted but there's so much to be learnt and enjoyed out there it's hard to be selective.

  3. You are so right Carolyn. I held out until 9.55 when I found that Pippa had already invited me. Actually she sent me the invitation last night about the same time as I had found the class for myself!

  4. Spooky coincidence glad you're on board

  5. oh dear ... you've got more to do than I have ! ... good job my online classes have been delayed then, knew there must be a divine reason lol :D :D

  6. Welcome to the 30 Day Craft Cleanse! If it helps, you'll be able to download the missions as PDF and work on them at your own pace. You'll be able to access the group after the 30 days, too.


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