Monday 18 July 2011


Explore is a brand new course by Shimelle.  I love doing Shimelle's courses and usually start with a flourish and then tail off and sometimes don't finish.  However, this one WILL be different.  I aim to finish this class.

So, drum roll for day one.  Today's task was to make a playbook which could be of any size but I followed Shimelle's example and made a 6"x4" notebook.  I used black and grey cardstock and some patterned paper in similar colours.  We also needed to take a photo of ourselves!

The cover

 The pages
 The other sides
 The photo of me which I cropped to put in the notebook

And the journaling:

Explore ~ day one ~ 18th July 2001

Today is the first day of Explore - a new class with Shimelle and one I propose to finish.

I rarely appear in my scrapbooks or minibooks because I am the one behind the camera.  I really dislike having photos taken of me - I usually look like a rabbit caught in the headlights!  And an added difficulty in taking pictures in the mirror is that we only have 2 full length mirrors and they are in awkward places.

Currently I have committed myself to several online courses which enable me to take part in a variety of creative expressions.   Most of this is art journaling rather than scrapbooking.  I love to take photos but tend to take landscapes or photos of street furniture or parts of houses rather than people.  These don’t lend themselves to being put on a layout.

I signed up for the class because I love Shimelle’s classes , it sounded exciting, and I got a discount!


  1. Goodness aren't you quick of the mark, I haven't opened the email yet lol. But so excited after seeing what you done :,)

  2. Well done Bernice, so quick off the mark! The SP actually looks great and I love your playbook, the colours are yummy!

  3. Love the colours you've chosen for your playbook and that's a great self portrait. Hope you're encouraged to appear more in your scrapbook pages!

  4. Love your colour palate, hope you enjoy the class.

  5. First off the blocks methinks?!! Love your co;our pallette & your self portrait is you I'm a good starter in Shimelle's classes but often fall behind...but hey!! it's all about the taking part!! Like you I aim to finish this one, so I'm off to finish my Play Book & will be blogging later!! :)

  6. You are quick too, love you book

  7. Wow, that was fast! Looks great though, well done on the self portrait too.

  8. Love your book and great self portarit too

  9. love the book and the photo


  10. Fabby! Can't wait to c the rest!

  11. You have done a wonderful job and so now I am inspired to go look for papers for my playbook :) p.s. Your photo is great!!


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