Wednesday 20 July 2011

Online classes

One of the many classes I've signed up to is Colour! Or is it Color? with Big Picture Classes.

And of course, it is COLOUR.

This week I'm attempting to catch up with the 3 weeks I've missed.  Week 4 is released tomorrow.  I signed up at the same time as my friend Nicki, so if you would like to see what I should have done have a look on her blog.

The pre-class activity was to make 6 tags.  Here are mine:
I'm not keen on the blue one, but it will do for now.

The blogs of a couple of my friends from the U.S. are well worth a look too!

Firstly there's my friend Paige who has been blogging every day since her 43rd birthday having set herself the task of writing every day for 366 posts.  She's now on #357.   If you want to see why she's doing it you will have to go back to the beginning.

And then there's my friend Kaere who is stepping out into online courses for the very first time.  So for all my journaling friends have a look at this: Planet You.   It's not an art journaling course ~ it's about the words!   Why not sign up with me?


  1. im doing this class too, loving the fun colour challenges,
    jo xxx

  2. I'm rubbish at completing classes, I wish I wasn't. So it's lovely to see you doing so well with yours.

  3. I took this class in the fall, it was so much fun!!


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