Monday 14 May 2012

Going Postal: Wedding Anniversary Card

Julie Kirk  is running a series on her blog this week called Going Postal.  Why not go and take a look.

Today, May 14th, is our 29th Wedding Anniversary.

(Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was scanned from the original.)

And last year I gave Roger a really lovely card.  By now you may be thinking 'what does this have to do with Going Postal?' - well hang in there!

After Roger had opened it I realised that actually the card would have been really apt for our son and daughter-in-law whose wedding anniversary is May 9th.   So I went out and bought another card and put it away safely until I could send it this year.

Here they are on May 9th 2009

Andy had proposed to Naomi on the headland on the right of this photo.

Stay with  me, nearly at the postal bit!

So, having saved the card since last May ready for this May I put it in the post to Australia on April 19th.  Apparently it only takes 8 days to get from the UK to Sydney so it should have been there in plenty of time for May 9th.

Sadly it never arrived.

Now if you've ever visited my house you would know I hardly throw anything away and I had searched and searched for the card I gave to Roger in 2011 so that I could at least scan it and email last week.  But could I find it, NO!

Today, in one last ditch attempt I looked in a box I hadn't looked in before, and there it was.  And when you see the next photo you'll know why it was important to me that Andy & Naomi received THIS particular card.


  1. Wow, yes I agree, that is the perfect card for them!

  2. Oooh how lovely - is this really why you were clearing the spare bedroom and study?

    1. No, we really are having the spare room decorated Nicki

  3. Do you know if it is the same place? It looks awfully similar - I can see exactly why you'd want to send it!

    Thanks for going postal with me, I've added you to the board:


  4. How perfect is that! A lovely card and story - has this one arrived safely?

  5. Yes, I agree with you and your card very nice. What a lovely card and its story so interesting. I like it so very much.

  6. Awww this is such an amazing and beautiful card. The love story is sooo sweet *sigh*... Wish to find true love of my own. I've been getting inspirations in creating wedding anniversary cards as well for my friends 1st wedding anniversary. Thanks for the inspiration~


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