Saturday 19 May 2012

Weekly Walks

Each week this year I have been on a long walk - sometimes on my own but mostly with Roger.

Lately I have been looking at who I am as a creative person and as woman of faith.  I have mostly kept these two areas compartmentalised but through conversations with Pattie Ann Hale have come to realise that I am a creative woman of faith.

I love to take photographs and often take photos of what some people may think of as odd - usually patterns, or rusty bits ~ hardly ever 'normal' photos of people or events.  I used to use these sort of photos to inform my art or my textile work and only recently realised that I still take the same sort of photos as I always did but rarely use them to inspire me.

This evening I have put together photos from each of the 20 walks.  They show God's creation in a variety of ways. 

Sadly the music soundtrack is less than inspiring and if anyone has a link to a really good source of copyright free music please let me know.




  1. Just lovely, Bernice - I especially loved the ones of the sheep. I must learn how to do this!

  2. This is beautiful Bernice, well done.


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