Thursday 17 May 2012

Stopping By

On Going Postal today, Julie talks about blogging and the purpose of her blog.  And the question about whether Bloggers share too much, too little or just the right amount.

Some Bloggers have series such as Technique Tuesdays or Photo Fridays.  I saw a new one yesterday I might 'steal' - Wordless Wednesdays.  Some people share all their innermost struggles.  Or their faith.  Or their art.

I blog now and then. When I've got something to share.

But it has got me thinking.  Why do I blog?  

And then the question arose - why do people read my blog?  I've got 84 followers according to Blogger and I'm not sure whether that includes any people who follow on Google Reader.

So dear Readers.  Why do you stop by Newly Creative?  What do you like to read about here?  What would you like to see more of here?

Leave me some lovely answers to the questions above and any other questions I haven't asked and I will enter you into a draw for some blog candy.

Wouldn't you like this through the post?

Set of unmounted rubber stamps, 5 Prismacolor Pencils, a Ranger ink pad and a Silkies Pearlescent Paint

Leave a reply by Sunday 20th May and I will choose a winner on Monday morning.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.



  1. I love coming by your blog Bernice x
    I particularly enjoy your art & art journalling
    & each time I look it reminds me that I really need to have a go again as I love the results you get x

  2. Thanks for joining in the conversation today Bernice, a bit of reflection and pausing for thought is always useful isn't it? [Although I could probably compete at Olympic level Introspection myself!]


    p.s: Lovely giveaway!

  3. Recently discovered your blog [through Carolyn's MM&F] and enjoy looking at your amazing artwork, and reading your thoughts on faith.
    I love the way you use paints and altho I cannot do the same things, you give me inspiration for sewing projects.
    Last weekend I had my first ever unpleasant, negative comments in 4 yrs of blogging. Thus far the whole experience has been utterly wonderful, I have found new friends, learned more about myself, my God and my world...and I think blogging is wonderful!
    ...oh and I love giveaways!!!
    blessings x

    1. Thanks Angela. WIll certainly pop into see your sewing.

  4. Hello Bernice - I started following you after the Kirsty Wiseman course as I loved seeing your MIMM and also how you integrate your faith with your art. I love seeing your prayer journals and notebooks. As a Christian this is an encouragement and challenge to me, about how I create as well.

    Thanks for being an encouragement through your blog!

    Helen x

  5. I love your art journaling and am amazed by your productivity in that rea.

    1. Thanks Rinda for making regular, encouraging comments

  6. Bernice-- I love reading about your learning experiences--- gives me a whole list of other's blogs and courses to check out. I am glad that you share the product names of the things you use-- kepps me from having to guess. I'd love to see more of your books-- you make such beautiful handmade books.

  7. I love to see your art journalling, Bernice.

  8. This is my first visit to Newly Creative - I followed the link from Julie's blog.
    I'm interested in art journalling to get DD to find away to practice her writing without realising!!! So I'll put you in my Google Reader.
    I'm not a Christian but DD is taking her first Holy Communion next Sunday. I'd be interested in ideas for scrapping the photos.
    i started my blog just over a year ago when I got a DT position on a challenge website. I use it to share my craft and the odd photo. I've made lots of lovely people through blogging, some of whom I now count as friends.

  9. I read because you make me smile!

  10. My first time here, I popped over following your link from Julie's. I guess I am just really nosy and wanted to see your take on the conversation... I already spilled my thoughts into her comment box ;) I think blogging is personal for each person and it should be up to them, not anybody else what it contains.

    From your comments it looks like you are doing things exactly right :)


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