Sunday 11 November 2012

Day 11 My Attitude of Gratitude Journal

If you want to join in with making an Attitude of Gratitude Journal through the month of November click through to the Challenge blog.

Here on this blog I am going to share how I made the page for today's prompt on Things I've learned.

Today's art challenge was to 'use the Vaseline resist technique on your page today'.

I used a piece of watercolour paper for this but I'm sure it will work on other types of paper.  I spread the vaseline through the stencil.  Once you've put the first bit on the stencil stays anchored to the paper while you do the rest which is really useful.

I put some colours of acrylic paint on the glass plate - I used the paint from some paint dabbers and added some water to make it easier to brush onto the paper. And then left it to air dry.

I had put rather too much paint on the plate so I took another piece of paper and swished it in the paint.

I wiped away the vaseline with a paper towel.  In this photo I have wiped the leaves on the bottom right of the page.  I hope you can see how clean the image is in comparison with the vaseline on the left.

I added some stamped leaves using Archival Ink.

I stamped a couple of birdies. I'm not sure why I chose those ~ other than they fitted the space! And added a little bit of black pen to the outline of the leaves in the bottom right corner.  I did think about outlining all the leaves but decided not to.

I added my journaling around the edges.

I haven't decided whether this page is totally finished.  But that's the great thing about art journaling ~ you can always come back and play some more.


  1. That turned out really well. DD would agree with your sentiment.

  2. I have tagged you in a game of Blog tag, Please visit my blog and see what its all about.
    x x x

  3. This technique looks great on your page Bernice but I am a bit unsure how my journal pages will take it and I don't wish to ruin the preceeding page and don't want to tip more papers in than I have to as it isn't very big. Also no similar paper to try it on either. Bit of a quandry this one. BJ

    1. Use another technique today BJ. Or try it out on a paper you do have and see how you get on. Then risk doing it in your journal

    2. In for a penny in for a pound, I just went ahead and tried it in my journal!! One thing I have learned is that I need more than the 2 stencils I own (plus the 3 I have made). I used my alphabet one and just did a small boarder on both pages. You can definitely see the vaseline on the next page but the previous one hardly at all - horrah!

  4. LOVE how this turned out! And your journaling says it all!
    I only have Vick's vapor rub in the house...think that will work? My journal may smell forever..... :) Think I'll try it on a scrap first!

    1. I shall be really interested to see how that works out Gwen. It did make me laygh though when I read your comment.


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