Wednesday 7 November 2012

Day 7 My Attitude of Gratitude Journal

If you want to join in with making an Attitude of Gratitude Journal through the month of November click through to the Challenge blog.

Here on this blog I am going to share how I made the page for today's prompt on Encouragement.

Today's art challenge was to 'make a stencil to use on your page today'.

I used the Sizzix Tim Holtz Tattered Leaves die to cut out a stencil.  I used a piece of thick card and cut out the whole die.

I shall keep the leaves to use for something else.  If you want to make your stencil more permanent either gel medium over the card to make it more waterproof or use a sheet of acetate.

I took 3 colours of reinkers and dribbled them onto my glass plate.  It's actually a kitchen cutting plate and I use this instead of the non-stick mats most people use.

I added a squirt of water.

And then put the watercolour paper down onto the inks and moved the paper about.  I dabbed it off onto the backing paper to reduce the wetness.

I used spray inks through the stencil.  I took the photo while the ink was still wet so you can easily see the leaves but as the inks dried they were absorbed into the paper and became shadows.

I used the stencil and a white pen to go round the edges of the leaves.  I did it again with a black pen.  I did it really quickly and didn't worry about the accuracy of the outlining.

I wrote my journaling around the edges of the leaves and the names of the peole who encourage me on the leaves.

I like the fact that the inks didn't reach all of the paper and that there is some white showing.

I am looking forward to see how you make your stencil today.


  1. Great leaf stencil, better make another stencil today now. BJ

  2. Those are great stencils! i wish i still had my cuttlebug. I'll have to do this on by hand. :)

  3. This looks great and I am wondering why I never thought of glass, esp since I have some sat here!

  4. Oh my - is that my name??? *blushes if so*
    I came back to look at yours as I was doing mine - I never noticed it the first time round.

  5. What a lovely page. Love your descriptions too and those stencils are gorgeous!

  6. Great idea to use a glass cutting mat to make a printing plate! And why didn't I think to look at this page before I started hand cutting a stencil? I could have used technology! Thanks for a great tutorial Bernice. I've got to get some re-inkers too!


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