Saturday 24 November 2012

Day 24 My Attitude of Gratitude Journal

If you want to join in with making an Attitude of Gratitude Journal through the month of November click through to the Challenge blog.

Here on this blog I am going to share how I made the page for today's prompt on Photography. 

Today's art challenge was to 'use the gesso transfer technique to add a photo to your page'.

I decided to use a photo to make the whole background and because it was wet and miserable I printed off an inkjet copy of the photo and didn't go out to get a laser photocopy of it.  I also printed a mirror image version to see which I would use.

I tore round the edge of the printout and scraped gesso onto the whole page.

I stuck the printout on, print side down and smoothed it on.  Some of it wrinkled and some of it didn't really stick properly.

When it was totally dry, I sprayed water onto the paper and rubbed it away with my fingers.

As I said, not all of it was stuck properly, plus I think I wet some of it too much so bits of the image came away.  I decided I would stick with though so you can see what happens when mistakes happen - they are called opportunities.

I sprayed the whole page with Lime ink and stamped with Archival Ink.  At this point I didn't like the page too much.  I hadn't realised that the ink would make the page so dark.

So I put some orange acrylic paint on part of the page with my fingers.  I sprayed the verse with orange ink before sticking it on the page. I journaled and added highlights with a white pen.

It's still not wonderful but I can come back to it later to play around with it.

If you use an inkjet printout I think you probably need to leave it to dry for longer than the 5 minutes I left it.  And actually using a laser photocopy does get better results.  I have used a photocopy before and the image transfer was great.

Anyway, a day for you to experiment.  Have fun.  See you tomorrow.


  1. I love that you stamped the dandelions on the photo of them. And I appreciate that you went with what you had and produced a great art journal page!

  2. Wow Bernice, Your examples of the techniques are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


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