Friday 28 June 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Rocking Your World Friday is a meme set up on Virginia's blog at Celtic House wherethose that join in link their Friday blog posts which list the lovely things we are thankful for in the previous week.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Getting a commission on Etsy for a handmade journal.

2.  Attending my local crop and being able to make the aforementioned journal.

3. The sun shone and there was blue sky on Tuesday.

4. Roger & I were able to go out for a long walk - over 6 miles - in that sunshine.

5. That I was able to take lots of photos especially of the beautiful wild roses.

6. My new washing machine arrived.

7. I am up to date with Summer of Colour.

8. All the blog posts for Passport to Art are scheduled and ready to go.

9. All the blog posts for 12 Months in View and my responses to the challenges are scheduled and ready to go for July.

10. And best of all, today I am going to Art from the Heart for the weekend.


  1. Oh have a fabulous weekend at AFTH - if it's a Dyan class tell her I said Hi! Not seen in an age but did two fabulous art journalling weekends with her a few years ago and it was an absolute blast! Loving the blue skies picture with the teasles in! New washing machines actually make washing exciting I know how pleased I was with my new one! I'm behind on Summer of Colour but hoping to catch up over the weekend. And your handmade journal is gorgeous. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and week ahead!


  2. What a great week Bernice, how lovely to get a commision and the journal is fab.

    Lovingthe photos from your walk - its so nice to get out in the sunshien isnt it

    So jealous of your weekend at arth - one of these days I will get there.

    Its a great feeling when callenges are up to date - must check out the link for th Passport to Art one

    Have a great weekend

    Suzy x

  3. What a fantastically positive week. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every minute of it. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#3)

  4. Have a great weekend. I am so glad the weather was kind so you could enjoy a walk. Love the roses. Kate x


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